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Ezra Lighting

is a lamp and electrical appliance wholesale company based in Manitoba. We specialize in unique and stylish lighting for residential and commercial use. Our products are sourced directly from the manufacturer at unbeatable prices. 


Wholesale orders can be placed through our website, and one of our representatives will contact you to arrange for shipping. Feel free to browse our extensive selection of fixtures or contact us with your specific needs. We can help you find the perfect lighting solution.


What is your product warranty policy?
All our products are provided with a 2-year warranty, excluding labor costs.
Do you provide delivery across Canada? 


We do provide delivery throughout the country. Some customers may have to pay shipping fees depending on which region you are located in. After we got the order, our after-sales department will contact you in time.


How do I return an item?


Please contact our customer service for a return via phone or Email.


What is your returns policy?


If a customer requests to return not due to quality problems, it must ensure that the returning products are not unpacked.

How do I track my order?


We will inform you of the express information by email.


Can I pick up the stuff I purchased?


For local customers in Manitoba,  you can come over to pick them up. Make an appointment with our customer service in advance, please.

Do you have any discount for bulk customers?

If you are making a batch purchase, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


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